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  Active since 10 January 2023
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0 Hi, I Would Like To Configure Clearml-Server To Connect To An S3 Bucket In Order To Store Artefacts - I'Ve Taken A Look On This Page

@<1687643893996195840:profile|RoundCat60> Looks like the docs have not caught up yet with recent structure change in the repo which renamed the 'server' folder to 'apiserver'.
So... the correct link would be None

3 years ago
0 Any Ideas Why This Is Happening? It Was Fine Yesterday

@<1523701157564780544:profile|TenseOstrich47> The storage in question here is what's available on the machine hosting the ClearML server's docker containers (specifically, the ES one).

3 years ago
0 “You Can View The Reported Text In The

@<1523706095791509504:profile|FiercePenguin76> The "Log" tab has been renamed "Console" in ClearML 0.17.0 - Thanks for pointing out the outdated description.

3 years ago
0 Can I Run An Autoscaler Listening To A Regular Queue (I.E. Combine Autoscaling With On Premise Machines)? Or Does It Run The Danger Of Creating An Ec2 Instance While An On-Premise Machine Takes The Job?

UnevenDolphin73 Am I missing anything in rephrasing your use case to "Have a single autoscaler service multiple queues" (where the autoscaler resource configuration is, in essence, the pool you mention)?

one year ago
0 Hi, I Have A Question Regarding The

OutrageousSheep60 You can see https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/issues/724 a discussion on the topic.
Currently the containing project is available in the UI as a tooltip to the dataset name An alternate "Project view" to the datasets page is in the works

one year ago
0 Any Ideas Why This Is Happening? It Was Fine Yesterday

@<1523701157564780544:profile|TenseOstrich47> This is typically indicative of insufficient server disk space causing ES to go into read-only mode or turn active shards into inactive or unassigned (see FAQ ).

The disk watermarks controlling the ES free-disk constraints are defined by default as % of the disk space (so it might look to you like you still have plenty of space, but ES thinks otherwise). You can configure di...

3 years ago
0 Question About The "Search Experiments" In The Dashboard -- Is There A Syntax I Should Be Using There? I Didn'T See Any Documentation. I Tried Searching For Experiments By Keyword, Or By Metric Etc But Rarely Get Any Results. It Seems Like The Search Is L

Hi JuicyOtter4
The GUI search returns all experiments in the project that have your search string in their task id, name, description or any of their models' names.
You can use regex with the '.*' button in the search bar.

one year ago
0 Hi, I Was Wondering If There Is A Proper Way To Integrate My Model Config File (Json) Into The Workflow Using The Ui. I'Ve Managed To Connect It As A Configuration Object But It Would Be Preferable If I Could Load It Into A Table Like The Other Params (In

IrateDolphin19 ClearML provides for saving files generated as part of your code execution through the https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/references/sdk/task#upload_artifact . For your use case, you can have your code thus create the artifact as it runs, you can set the specific storage location when you edit your configuration, through the task's output_uri field.

Does this help?

2 years ago
0 Hi, Is There A Way To Log Sklearn Metrices (Like Accuracy/Precision) In A Tabular Way Rather Than Plot ?

HappyDove3 Notice that in https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/issues/400 the goal is to see a table plot in the UI scalars tab for a specific experiment (with additional discussions on how these will be addressed when comparing experiments).
Note that once you take the approach you suggested of logging your metrics single values, you can configure your experiment comparison scalars view to show single values instead of the time-series graph which I think will provide you with the matrix c...

2 years ago
0 When Uploading An Artifact, Can I List It In Some Grouping (Like With Parameters, Having E.G.

UnevenDolphin73 Well... not right now... Currently the ClearML UI only partitions internal artifact types.
That said, having user-defined artifact groups sure sounds worth looking into - Care to https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/issues/new/choose ?

2 years ago
0 When Uploading An Artifact, Can I List It In Some Grouping (Like With Parameters, Having E.G.

UnevenDolphin73 I think it'd be easier to track as a separate one.

2 years ago
0 Hi Again

SuperiorPanda77 Would love to get a PR if you're up for it

2 years ago
0 Hello. Is There Any Possibility To Change Horizontal Axis In Scalars To Some Chosen Metrics (E.G. Epochs Metric)? As Far I Have Seen It'S Possible To Use Wall Time. Is That A Planned Feature?

Thanks for clarifying @<1523705301990117376:profile|WickedCat12> .
As I mentioned originally, plotting an arbitrary metric against another is further down the ClearML roadmap.
It'd be great if you use a github issue to help push it through :)

8 months ago
0 Hello. Is There Any Possibility To Change Horizontal Axis In Scalars To Some Chosen Metrics (E.G. Epochs Metric)? As Far I Have Seen It'S Possible To Use Wall Time. Is That A Planned Feature?

@<1523705301990117376:profile|WickedCat12> ClearML Scalars explicitly show metrics time progression (you can display iteration/wall-time).
Plotting one metric against another is a feature that lies further down ClearML's roadmap.

If your metric is reported only once per epoch you can make use of the existing scalars functionality by making use of the iteration parameter when reporting your metric to reflect the epoch instead.

Does this make sense?

8 months ago
0 Ui Suggestion #2:

DepressedChimpanzee34 Have you noticed the "Show n experiments selected" button on the bottom bar? This effectively toggles your view between whatever is currently sorted/filtered and the current item selection.
To address the scenario you describe: Switch to "Show selected experiments", remove the redundant items, and switch back to the original view: "Show all experiments"


2 years ago
0 Ui Suggestion #2:

DepressedChimpanzee34 Apologies for missing your previous comment.
Totally agree that the global selection indicator should maintain its 'clear selection' behaviour even if some/all of the selection is off-screen.

2 years ago
0 Ui Suggestion:

DepressedChimpanzee34 Experience has shown that some mechanisms for mitigating large sets impact on browser performance are required.
Your 2nd suggestion for adding an in-app search tool for such sections seems to be completely in line with ClearML's behaviour in other UI sections (e.g. console logs) - It'd be great if you can https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/issues/new/choose

2 years ago
2 years ago
0 Hello, I Want To Update Allegro. I Found The Link:

UnsightlySeagull42 The upgrade process is slightly different depending on the environment in which you've deployed your ClearML server (e.g. for a https://allegro.ai/clearml/docs/docs/deploying_clearml/clearml_server_linux_mac.html#upgrading ).
Note the document you are referring to only applies once when you're moving from the older pre-0.16 versions in which case DB migration is required.
If your server is more up to date (0.16 and newer) you should be OK with the link above.

3 years ago
0 Ux Question\Request: Is There A Planned Interface Feature To Enable Convenient Debug Images Scrolling ? Or Maybe There Is A Different Way To Do It? When It Gets To 1000'S It Gets Very Frustrating, It Literally Requires 100'S Of Clicks To View A Debug Imag

DepressedChimpanzee34 ClearML tries to conserve storage by limiting the history length for debug images (see sdk.metrics.file_history_size https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/configs/clearml_conf#sdk-section ), though the history can indeed grow large by setting a large value or using a metric/variant naming scheme to circumvent this limit.

Does your use case call for accessing a specific iteration for all images or when looking at a specific image? Note that the debug image viewer (wh...

2 years ago
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