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After closing a task you'll have to open it again with init before you can do anything with it. The different statuses are here: https://clear.ml/docs/latest...
10 months ago
0 I Have Install A Python Environment By Virtualenv Tool, Let'S Say

ThoughtfulBadger56 Have you uncommented the existing venvs_cache section in the config file?

9 months ago
0 I Have Install A Python Environment By Virtualenv Tool, Let'S Say

So could you just setup your virtual environment with a task?

9 months ago
0 Hello All! Quick Question, Do Any Of You Know Of A Clean Way To Access The Clearml Logger Inside Of A

Have you tried
logger = Logger.current_logger()in your code?
Logger is a singleton so you should get the same object from your previously created task

10 months ago
0 Hi, I Deployed A Server On My Ubuntu And Forgot About It For A While, I Restart My Computer And It Was Shutdown. Is There A Way To Restore The Experiments? I Didn'T Backup

As far as I know, you can start a docker container with the same version and the same volumes and you should be able to just continue.

10 months ago
0 Hey All

You can disable it if you want to. Sometimes it's useful to retrace your steps but it works without :)

10 months ago
0 Hey All

I think if you use explicit logging it only logs things you've selected but I'm not entirely sure

10 months ago
0 Hi Is There Any Option To Get Preview For The Images On Dataset In Case Upload With

I'm not sure about the preview part but after uploading I think you might find the images with list and --filter
I'm not sure if that helps?

10 months ago
9 months ago
0 Hey

PricklyRaven28 I think then you're looking for: ZipFile.ZIP_STORED

10 months ago
10 months ago
0 After Closing A Task You'Ll Have To Open It Again With Init Before You Can Do Anything With It. The Different Statuses Are Here:

ScaryBluewhale66 you shouldn't call mark_* on the main task, we're adding this as a notice and in documentation in the next release: https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/issues/830

9 months ago
0 Hi Everyone, I Am Having Problems Getting Pytorch Nightly (For Torch 2.0 Preview) To Run On Clearml-Agent. Here Is My Log. Maybe Someone Sees What The Issue Is. I Dont Get It. It Runs All Fine Locally!

Do you have the same python version locally as remotely?
Some ways you could continue now:
you can reuse an existing python virtual environment: https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/clearml_agent/#virtual-environment-reuse

You can also run the agent in docker mode: https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/clearml_agent/#docker-mode

I'll have a look at the differences concerning the dev disappearing.

9 months ago
0 Hello Everyone ! I Tried To Reproduce Your Tutorial :

This ^
If you're not getting any errors, it should work just fine 🙂

In https://github.com/thepycoder/urbansounds8k/blob/main/preprocessing.py i'm seeing dataset_task.get_logger().report_image , dataset_task.get_logger().report_table , dataset_task.get_logger().report_histogram and dataset_task.get_logger().report_media which are all manual loggings. Hence, why the author probably didn't use any automatic logging.

10 months ago
0 Hey Everyone, I Have Another Question: Is It Possible To Change Agent Config For Each Task? E.G.

It should, or you might need to nest the objects.
Edit: I asked, it won't there's a difference in configs I mixed up.

9 months ago
0 I Have Install A Python Environment By Virtualenv Tool, Let'S Say

I'm afraid what you're trying to do isn't a supported implementation.
You'll have to choose between using docker mode to have one virtual environment for everything or using the pip mode where you can used the cached virtual environments but you can't reuse the one you currently have.

9 months ago
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