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Hi! Is there a way to get the best model among the models stored in ClearML? For example, I would like to make an inference using a model whose acuity is the...
2 years ago
0 Hi! Is There A Way To Get The Best Model Among The Models Stored In Clearml? For Example, I Would Like To Make An Inference Using A Model Whose Acuity Is The Best In Clearml I Tried

maybe select by reported scalar value.

Here's my scenario.

  1. Proceed the experiment on a scheduled/manual basis.
  2. The results of the experiment (metric like accuracy) and model are accumulated in ClearML.
  3. Inferring the results of the experiment using the best (e.g., highest accuracy or lowest loss) model.

I would like to bring the most accurate model of ClearML stacked models using Python sdk for inferring.

2 years ago