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Hello, Is there a config option where I can force all steps in a Pipeline to run in the same Docker Container?
one year ago
0 Hello, Is There A Config Option Where I Can Force All Steps In A Pipeline To Run In The Same Docker Container?

I am defining a pipeline step as follows:
name='Split Data',

from the docs I can only specify the docker image using docker kwarg

one year ago
0 Hi Everyone! When I Execute

I have a question regarding docker mode use here, I want to run my task remotely on docker, when I execute the script containing task.execute_remotely(), it analyzes the packages in the current env which are different from the ones needed.
I also tried using the task.set_packages('./requirements.txt')
but it didn't work

one year ago
0 Hi Everyone! When I Execute

incompatibility issue because the agent was trying to setup a version of numpy not supported.

one year ago
0 Hi Everyone! When I Execute

Solved my issue by adding this before the Task.init()

one year ago