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👋 Hi everyone! I cannot create a Dataset. Is this a limitation of the free version? Error: Datasets are not supported with your current ClearML server versi...
10 months ago
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3 Answers
0 Votes 3 Answers 559 Views
Hi, If it is necessary to refine the model by running a Clone Task so that the results of the Task are used, what should be done? output_uri=True? task = Tas...
10 months ago
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3 Answers
0 Votes 3 Answers 593 Views
Hi, All. How do I add accuracy and loss metrics for tracking in ClearML for YOLO8? And model registry after each epoch?
10 months ago
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5 Answers
0 Votes 5 Answers 525 Views
Hi! What could the error when running Clone be related to? The experiment was created in Google Colab. It was launched before without errors.
10 months ago
0 Hi Everyone! I Cannot Create A Dataset. Is This A Limitation Of The Free Version? Error: Datasets Are Not Supported With Your Current Clearml Server Version. Please Update Your Server.

!pip install clearml

from clearml import Dataset

dataset = Dataset.create(
dataset_project="dataset examples"

10 months ago
0 Hi, If It Is Necessary To Refine The Model By Running A Clone Task So That The Results Of The Task Are Used, What Should Be Done? Output_Uri=True? Task = Task.Init(Project_Name="Yolo8_Ver2", Task_Name="My Task#1",

I have misunderstood the purpose of the parameter - output_uri.
I have a task to retrain the model. When CopyTask is created, what model is loaded into it? The one that was obtained after training in the Task? best.pt ? Or do I need to specify it specially when creating CopyTask?

10 months ago
0 Hi, All. How Do I Add Accuracy And Loss Metrics For Tracking In Clearml For Yolo8? And Model Registry After Each Epoch?

Hi, @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36>
I looked at this document. For the novice It is difficult for a beginner to deal with it. Maybe there are some examples of how to use it? Is there a document that describes what metrics are available in YOLO8 to add to Logger?

10 months ago
0 Hi! What Could The Error When Running Clone Be Related To? The Experiment Was Created In Google Colab. It Was Launched Before Without Errors.

@<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> hi. Is this additional data enough to solve the problem?

10 months ago