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3 months ago
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Hi guys! Anyone else has trouble caching virtual environments in the agent? I manually installed a single agent on a virtual machine, and I'm using this conf...
2 months ago
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2 months ago
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26 days ago
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2 months ago
0 Hi Guys! Broad Question: Do You Work With A Feature Store Along With Clearml? Right Now My Workflow Is: 1) Clearml Task Fetches Data From Database/Api, Does A Rough Cleaning And Saves A "Raw" Versioned Dataset On Clearml 2) Another Clearml Task Trains A

Cool thanks! So for online Feature transformation I would set up a feast server, and the tasks would use feast to create and retrieve features, right?

I know it's a huge project, but it would be great to have a feature store as part of ClearML, do you have any plans to do that?

2 months ago
0 Hi Guys! How Do You Handle Tasks With A Complex Parametrization? For Example, A Script That Trains A Machine Learning Model, Where You Want To Parametrize Model Name, Hyperpars, Preprocessing Steps, Etc. So A Nested Configuration With Many Parameters Do I

That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot.
Just two followup questions

  1. if I connect a dict with task.connect and I edit it in the UI, will the new values be passed to the next run?
    2)with connect_configuration, can I pass a python file containing the configuration (like, a configuration-as-code file, instead of a yml or a json)? Could I modify it from UI?
2 months ago
0 Hi Everyone! Thanks To The Dev For The Excellent Work, I'M Migrating Some Work Projects To Clearml And It Has Been A Great Experience So Far. There Is Just One Thing I Cannot Understand From The Documentation: Can I Set Execution Details For A Pipeline E

Yes! I was looking at it wrong. The task execution details are only there for logging previous execution.
To modify the execution of the next run I had to modify the clearml agent. In this case I added this to the clearml.conf of my agent (I only have one worker right now):
python_binary: "/usr/local/bin/python3.10"
ignore_requested_python_version: true

2 months ago
0 Hi Guys! Anyone Else Has Trouble Caching Virtual Environments In The Agent? I Manually Installed A Single Agent On A Virtual Machine, And I'M Using This Conf For Venv Caching :

@<1694157594333024256:profile|DisturbedParrot38> thanks a lot! I didn't know it. On my project, clearml can't recognize the requirements from the code, I have to pass them explicitly, either with poetry or with a requirements.txt. Does that work for you?

2 months ago
2 months ago