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Hi, I Would Like To Report Something Else Weird In The Clearml-Agent 1.5.1 Running In Docker Mode: In The Logs, When It Dumps Its Config, It Writes:

Hi, I would like to report something else weird in the clearml-agent 1.5.1 running in docker mode:
In the logs, when it dumps its config, it writes: docker_cmd = python:3.8 -v /root/git/credential/socket:/root/git/credential/socket
I specified -v /root/git/credential/socket:/root/git/credential/socket in the CONTAINER > ARGUMENTS section of my experiment
I guess I understand that it shows the extra params of the docker command, but the reported docker_cmd is wrong in itself, or?

Posted 4 months ago
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yeah, what you see there is the complete command, after adding all the stuff the agent itself needs to make it work 🙂

Posted 4 months ago

Hi JitteryCoyote63 , I'm not sure I follow - why do you think it's wrong?

Posted 4 months ago

Ok yes, I get it, this info is also available at the very beginning of the logs, where the agent logs the full docker run command, this docker_cmd is a shorter version?

Posted 4 months ago

This is the string the agent builds on order to use when calling docker run (which is essentially the image name and any additional arguments)

Posted 4 months ago

Hi SuccessfulKoala55 , not really wrong, rather I don't understand it, the docker image with the args after it

Posted 4 months ago
5 Answers
4 months ago
3 months ago