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Hi All, Clearml Is My Goto-Tool That Watches All Experiments Behind The Scenes! I Came Here After Trying/Testing Sacred, Dvc, Mlflow, Keepsake, Testtube.... Question -- The "Description" Column In The Experiment Dashboard Is Useful. Is There A Way To Pr

hi all, clearML is my goto-tool that watches all experiments behind the scenes! I came here after trying/testing sacred, dvc, mlflow, keepsake, testtube....

question -- the "description" column in the experiment dashboard is useful. Is there a way to programmatically set that in the code? E.g. if my yaml config contains a field description: train with norm obs, but no imitation , I'd like to see that description in the dashboard. In the code, I am hoping I can do something similar to task.connect(config_dict) , but I couldn't find anything in the docs.

Posted one year ago
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Thank you JuicyOtter4 ! 😍

. Is there a way to programmatically set that in the code?

Something like?
` task = Task.init(...)

probably we should change that to description ?!

task.set_comment("best thing ever") `

Posted one year ago

Great, and this would show up in the description column in the dashboard ?

Posted one year ago

Yep 🙂

Posted one year ago

nice, thanks AgitatedDove14

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago