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Hi, I'M Uploading Artifacts On The Clearml Storage (Which Is On A Server Filesystem) Every X Iterations And Delete The Older Ones With

hi, i'm uploading artifacts on the clearml storage (which is on a server filesystem) every X iterations and delete the older ones with delete_artifacts from Task , i receive Returned 200 for tasks.delete_artifacts in 6ms but the artifact is always on the server, so is there a way to delete an artifact from the server with Task ?

Posted one year ago
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Hi PerfectChicken66

every X iterations and delete the older ones with

I have to ask, why not just overwrite the artifact? it is basically the same, no ?!

older ones with




I think you are correct, when you delete the entire Task you can specify, delete artifacts, but it does not do that on delete_artifact 😞
You can manually do that with:
task._delete_uri(task.artifacts["artifact"].url) task.delete_artifact()Until we fix it (should be quick)

Posted one year ago

i'll try that, thank you !

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago