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Hi, I Think I'Ve Found A Strange Bug In Scheduler. I Would Like To Run Some Job Every Monday At 15:40 Utc. So I Run This At 15:35:

Hi, I think I've found a strange bug in scheduler. I would like to run some job every Monday at 15:40 UTC. So I run this at 15:35:
scheduler.add_task( name='recurring job', schedule_task_id="xyz", queue='abc', minute=40, hour=15, day=0, weekdays=['monday'], recurring=True )and it does not run, but when I do a hack:
# with this hack works as expected #scheduler._schedule_jobs[0]._last_executed = datetime.utcnow() - relativedelta(days=1)It runs today (Monday) at 15:40. Have you ever had such problem?

Posted one year ago
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Hi RoundMosquito25
Hmm I remember this is tricky ... What's the clearml version? also where is the line you had to hack ?

Posted one year ago

Ill try...

Posted one year ago

1.8.1hack line:
#scheduler._schedule_jobs[0]._last_executed = datetime.utcnow() - relativedelta(days=1)

Posted one year ago

Any chance you can test with the latest RC ? 1.8.4rc2

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago