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Hello. Somehow All Of My Local Copies Of The Clearml Dataset Just Disappeared From The Local Machine For No Reason. (Pretty Sure Nobody Deletes Them) This Is The Second Time Actually, The First Time Was Around 2 Weeks Ago. So, I Need To Re-Download Them A

Hello. Somehow all of my local copies of the clearml dataset just disappeared from the local machine for no reason. (pretty sure nobody deletes them) This is the second time actually, the first time was around 2 weeks ago. So, I need to re-download them again. I wanna know the reason why this happened. What are the possible causes?
Here are my clearml config where I defined the path to save the local copies, do I miss something?.
storage { cache { # Defaults to system temp folder / cache default_base_dir: "/home/ubuntu/data/clearml" size { # max_used_bytes = -1 min_free_bytes = 10GB # cleanup_margin_percent = 5% } }

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago