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Hi, How Do I Enable Ssl With Our Self-Hosted Clearml-Server ?

How do I enable ssl with our self-hosted clearml-server ?

Posted one year ago
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I will try this.

Posted one year ago

I built an basic nginx container
` FROM nginx

COPY ./default.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf

COPY ./includes/ /etc/nginx/includes/

COPY ./ssl/ /etc/ssl/certs/nginx/ copied the signed certificates and the modified nginx deafult.conf `

the important part is to modify the compose file to redirect all traffic to nginx container
reverse: container_name: reverse image: reverse_nginx restart: unless-stopped depends_on: - apiserver - webserver - fileserver ports: - "8080:8080" - "8008:8008" - "8081:8081" networks: - backend
and block all traffic from the rest by simply comment out ports for all rest of clearml services

Posted one year ago

Hi ExhilaratedShrimp49 ,
SSL termination is usually handled by load balancers in cloud environments. For local networks, you can use nginx to do the SSL termination (I think there were some threads here or in GitHub about that)

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago