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I'Ve Just Finished Setting Up Clearml On My Organization Cluster. I Was Doing Some Tests Before Start Rolling It Out To The Employees. I Was Wondering If Clearml Datasets Cache Is Mounted In Docker Agents Out Of The Box Or Not. Moreover I Noticed That By

I've just finished setting up clearml on my organization cluster. I was doing some tests before start rolling it out to the employees. I was wondering if clearml datasets cache is mounted in docker agents out of the box or not. Moreover i noticed that by defaults it mounts /root/.cache/pip making impossible due to a nested bind mount to mount the host .cache into the container .cache . My guess is that if i want to mount .cache i have to change /root/.cache/pip in docker_internal_mounts somewhere else and mount .cache as docker arg. Is it correct?

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
10 months ago