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When We Run Some Agents And Then Kill Them, They Remain In Ui For Quite A Long Time (Even If They Are Don'T Exist) - It Is Like 5Min. It There Some Way To Make The Ui More Responsive? I Mean To Have A Shorter Timeout After Which The Worker Is Invisible?

When we run some agents and then kill them, they remain in UI for quite a long time (even if they are don't exist) - it is like 5min. It there some way to make the UI more responsive? I mean to have a shorter timeout after which the worker is invisible?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

I was killing them. Now I'm using
clearml-agent daemon --stop
but it is stopping only one of them. Is there a way to stopp them all?

Posted one year ago

repeat it until they are all dead 🙂

Posted one year ago

RoundMosquito25 are you using clearml-agent daemon --stop or are you killing them ?

killing them basically means you loose them in the UI when they timeout, the backend does not see them for 10min so it assumes they died, when you call clearml-agent --stop they will unregister themselves and disappear immortally

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
one year ago