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Non Clearml Query. I Am Running A Bash Script Then Python Script As A Job In Kubernetes. I Tried To Do These Steps As An Entrypoint In Dockerfile But It Didn'T Work. Then Tried As A Command In Kube Job But It Both Ways It Runs Only Bash Script And No Logs

Non clearml query.
I am running a bash script then python script as a job in Kubernetes.
I tried to do these steps as an entrypoint in dockerfile but it didn't work.
Then tried as a command in Kube job but it both ways it runs only bash script and no logs for python script.
I've enabled logging in Python script in several rows.
Any clue if something is wrong here?
command: ["/bin/bash", "/workdir/run.sh", "&&", "python", "-u", "/workdir/main.py", "--config","/mnt/config.yaml", "--debug"]

Posted one year ago
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Hi DrabCockroach54

... and no logs for python script.

what do you mean by "no logs" , is it clearml logs? or k8s pod logs ?

Posted one year ago
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago
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