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Hi. Suppose I Want To Report On What My Task Has Done By Having It Generate A Markdown (.Md) File With Links To Some "Local" Figure Files. Looking At The Reporting Documentation, The Closest Thing I Found Is The

Suppose I want to report on what my task has done by having it generate a markdown (.md) file with links to some "local" figure files.
looking at the reporting documentation, the closest thing I found is the https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/guides/reporting/html_reporting
Are there plans for supporting markdown? It's a more developer-friendly format.
I'm looking for similar functionality as in https://cloud.google.com/vertex-ai/docs/pipelines/output-html-md#output_markdown

Posted one year ago
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also - are there plans for the pipeline view to show artefacts (as in - links to things returned from components)

Posted one year ago

Hi PanickyMoth78
So do not tell anyone, but the next version will have reports built in clearml, as well as the ability to embed graphs in 3rd party (think Notion GitHub, markdown etc.)
Until then (ETA mid Dec), the easiest is to download an image or just use the url (it encodes the full view, so when someone clicks on it they the exact view you are seeing)

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago