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Hi The Project Is Displayed By Specifying The Id With Projects.Get_All_Ex, I Want To Output Only The Statistics Information Of A Specific Project Under The Specified Id. How Can I Set It So That Only A Specific Project Under The Specified Id Is Displayed?

The project is displayed by specifying the ID with projects.get_all_ex,
I want to output only the statistics information of a specific project under the specified ID.
How can I set it so that only a specific project under the specified ID is displayed?
I thought I could control it with include_stats_filter and specified id and basename, but all the statistics came back as 0.
Also, can I narrow it down to tasks for a specific project? How can I set it if possible?

{ "id": [ "ead0a92fafeb4023994dc048ce27b9bf", "3acc5f9488614fa58078a82daa040217", "80dc861144af462893093b03549bcdb7" ], "stats_for_state": "active", "include_stats_filter": { "system_tags": [ "-pipeline" ] }, "include_stats": true, "stats_with_children": true, "shallow_search": true, "scroll_id": null, "size": 12, "active_users": null, "order_by": [ "featured", "-last_update" ], "only_fields": [ "name", "company", "user", "created", "default_output_destination" ] }
The include_stats_filter I tried is below.
include_stats_filter: {id: ['〇〇〇']},

Posted 6 months ago
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Hi SuccessfulKoala55 , Thank you for your reply.

We are customizing the clearml-web UI.
I would like to change the project to be displayed when selecting the project on the left menu so that only the specified project can be displayed.

Project information can be obtained with the following API.

Since the Request has an ID, we were able to narrow down the projects by specifying the project ID.

However, stats.active.total_tasks counts tasks outside of the specified project.
How can I get stats.active.total_tasks only for a project with a given id?

Posted 6 months ago

What exactly do you want to get? Using get_all_ex is not recommend as it is intended for the UI use and might introduce breaking changes on any release...

Posted 6 months ago

Hi SuccessfulKoala55 , Thank you for your reply.
It works as per your comment.

Is it possible to count total_tasks by specifying subprojects?
(only counts tasks in the specified subprojects, not all subprojects)

` example)
project data:
id=XXX name=ProjectA total_tasks=15
id=YYY name=ProjectA/SUB1 total_tasks=10
id=ZZZ name=ProjectA/SUB2 total_tasks=5


id=XXX name=ProjectA total_tasks=10
id=YYY name=ProjectA/SUB1 total_tasks=10 `

Posted 6 months ago

total_tasks should count the tasks only under the project IDs passed to the call (including all subprojects) - do you see a different behaviour?

Posted 6 months ago

I think that's not currently supported, but you can simply call get_all_ex with the list of the subproject IDs...

Posted 6 months ago

Hi SuccessfulKoala55 , Thank you for your reply.
I understand that this is an unsupported feature.

Posted 6 months ago
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6 months ago
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