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Hello! I Discovered Clearml Not Too Long Ago And Am Studying The Tool. My Question Is Farely Simply: Is The Task Scheduler Only Acessible Through The Sdk? Is There No Way To Schedule Tasks In The Ui? Thanks

Hello! I discovered Clearml not too long ago and am studying the tool. My question is farely simply: is the task scheduler only acessible through the SDK? Is there no way to schedule tasks in the UI? Thanks

Posted one year ago
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Hi FrothyShark37

is the task scheduler only acessible through the SDK?

yes, in the open source version this is strictly code based. I know the enterprise tier has a UI for it, but in terms of features I believe this is equivalent

Posted one year ago

Ok 😞

Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago

you can "clone" and "queue" tasks from the experiments UI but I'm not sure about time schedule from UI

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago