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Hi, I Am Planning To Use Clearml To Train Yolo Model In Aws Ec2 Instance. I Am New To Clearml, Could Someone Please Point Me The Steps Involve Or Any Article To Get Started With

Hi, I am planning to use ClearML to train yolo model in AWS EC2 instance. I am new to clearml, could someone please point me the steps involve or any article to get started with

Posted 10 months ago
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Great. Tanks FrightenedHippopotamus86 and AgitatedDove14 Let me follow the document and setup env in local

Posted 10 months ago

I believe YOLOv5 has a lot to offer with ClearML. I have found this document useful for a good start point.

Posted 10 months ago

Hi CheekyElephant36
First you need to run it once on your machine, once this is done (only a few steps is enough), you can one it and enqueue it. Then to actually connect the aws autoscaler (the part that spins machines and runs tasks) go to applications and select the aqs autoscaler.
Btw i think the next video will be about YOLO + autoscaler

Posted 10 months ago
3 Answers
10 months ago
8 months ago