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We’Re Hosting Our Own Clearml Server On Azure. For Security Purposes, I Am Exploring Hiding Our Clearml Server Behind An Active Directory Authentication Library (Adal) Layer. This Would Require That Incoming Requests Contain An Authorization Header With A

We’re hosting our own ClearML server on Azure. For security purposes, I am exploring hiding our clearml server behind an Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) layer. This would require that incoming requests contain an authorization header with a token, that we can dynamically.

Therefore, I would need all requests from the clearml python sdk to our server, to contain such header. How would I go about adding that? I was looking for a config option to add header items to all requests, without luck. Alternatively, I was looking for some kind of on_before_request-hook that could allow me to manipulate the requests.. without luck. Anyone? 🙂

Posted one year ago
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So clearml server already contains an authentication layer (JWT Token), and you do have a full user management on top:
Basically what I'm saying if you add httpS on top of the communication, and only open the 3 ports, you should be good to go. Now if you really need SSO (AD included) for user login etc, unfortunately this is not part of the open source, but I know they have it in the scale/enterprise tiers if you need that.

Posted one year ago

I believe that is the right terminology, yes.

Posted one year ago

Hi SoreHorse95

I am exploring hiding our clearml server behind

Do you mean add additional reverse proxy to authenticate clearml-server from outside ?

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
one year ago