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Downloading Output Artifacts From S3 By Clicking On The Download Button Next To Model Url Was Great, But Since We Moved From Aws To Yandex.Cloud, This Feature Doesn'T Work. Any Chance You Could Support Other Cloud Providers?

downloading output artifacts from S3 by clicking on the download button next to Model URL was great, but since we moved from AWS to Yandex.Cloud, this feature doesn't work. any chance you could support other cloud providers?

Posted 11 months ago
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Answers 8

yes. we upload artifacts to Yandex.Cloud S3 using ClearML. we set " s3://storage.yandexcloud.net/clearml-models " as output uri parameter and add this section to the config:
host: " http://storage.yandexcloud.net "
key: "KEY"
secure: true

this works like a charm. but download button in UI is not working

Posted 11 months ago

Wait, with the Port it does not work?
Notice that since this is external S3 you have to have the port specified so it Knows this is not an AWS S3 but a different compatible service

Posted 11 months ago

after the very first click, there is a popup with credentials request. nothing happens after that

Posted 11 months ago

Hmmm is this s3 compatible?

Posted 11 months ago

even without port

Posted 11 months ago

okay, I will try it with port

Posted 10 months ago

I wonder if this hack would work
Assume you upload an artifact/model to ' s3://storage.yandexcloud.net:443/clearml-models ' notice the port is added. Would that trigger a popup in the UI?
Also what happens if you add tge credential manually in the profile page?

Posted 11 months ago
8 Answers
11 months ago
8 months ago