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Hi Guys, Hope Everything Is Going Fine! I Have A Little Question: I Have The Clearml Server Installed, But Now I Need To Migrate It To Another Hard Drive. (Actually I Added A New Hard Drive With A Fresh Os Installation To The Server, So I Can Start Migrat

Hi guys, hope everything is going fine!
I have a little question: I have the ClearML server installed, but now I need to migrate it to another hard drive.
(Actually I added a new hard drive with a fresh OS installation to the server, so I can start migrating the important things from the previous one)

I just copied the entire /opt/clearml and ~/.clearml but it wasn't enough. What else should I do?

Thanks in advance!

Posted 11 months ago
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Answers 4

Hey! When you say it wasn’t enough, what do you mean? Can you launch the web UI?

Posted 11 months ago

NastySeahorse61 I would try to open in incognito mode (i.e. no cookies etc.), did you also change the address of the server?

Posted 11 months ago

Thanks AgitatedDove14 for your response! I cleaned everything up, started over with a fresh install, and copied the data and config folders, and now it's working! I'm think I didn't do anything different, so it was probably something to do with caches, as you said! Thanks again! 🙂

Posted 11 months ago

Hi Gabriel, thanks for your response! This is what I get:

Posted 11 months ago
4 Answers
11 months ago
8 months ago