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Hi, I Was Trying To Test The Autoscaler Feature, But I Am Getting The Following Error:


I was trying to test the autoscaler feature, but I am getting the following error:
2022-10-21 02:06:43,599 - clearml.Auto-Scaler - INFO - Failed to start new instance (resource 'DefaultGPUInstance'), Error: Parameter validation failed: Invalid type for parameter ImageId, value: None, type: <class 'NoneType'>, valid types: <class 'str'>No idea what the ImageId actually is.

Posted one year ago
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Solved by removing default parts.

Now I got a strange behavior in which I have 2 tasks on queue, the autoscaler fires two EC2 instances and then turn them off without running the tasks, then It fires two new instances again in a loop.

Posted one year ago

I used the autogenerated clearml.conf, I will try erasing the unnecessary parts.

Posted one year ago

Hi SkinnyPanda43

No idea what the ImageId actually is.

That's the ami image string that the new EC2 will be started with, make sense ?

Posted one year ago

Yes I suspect it is too large 😞
Notice that most parts have default values so there is no need to specify them

Posted one year ago

SkinnyPanda43 could it be the clearml.conf is too large? how come it exceeds 16kb ?
Any hint on how you start the AWS autoscaler ?

Posted one year ago

Can you share the log?

Posted one year ago

Thank you, I have defined the AMI manually instead of using the default, now I am getting the following error:

Error: An error occurred (InvalidParameterValue) when calling the RunInstances operation: User data is limited to 16384 bytes

Posted one year ago
7 Answers
one year ago
one year ago