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Why Is It Difficult To Reproduce An Experiment In Clearml Without Errors Such As Dependencies Incompatibility?

Why is it difficult to reproduce an experiment in clearml without errors such as dependencies incompatibility?

Posted one year ago
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pytorch wheels are always a bit of a problem and AFAIK it tells that there isn't a matching version to the cuda specified \ installed on the machine. You can try and update the pytorch to have exact versions and it usually solves the issue

Posted one year ago

now i got this :: Python virtual environment cache is disabled. To accelerate spin-up time set agent.venvs_cache.path=~/.clearml/venvs-cache :::
/home/anaconda3/envs/yolov7train/bin/python3.10: No module named virtualenv
clearml_agent: ERROR: Command '['python3.10', '-m', 'virtualenv', '/home/.clearml/venvs-builds.1/3.10']' returned non-zero exit status 1.

Posted one year ago

BroadSeaturtle49 this is probably due to a different python version specified for running the task (than the one installed in the image you're trying to use) - I assume you're using different versions of python for development and for remote execution?

Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago