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Can We Use Dynamodb With Clearml Helm Charts Instead Of Mongodb? We'D Like To Move All Stateful Storage To Aws As A Separate Service And That Would Be A Nice Alternative

Can we use dynamodb with ClearML helm charts instead of mongodb? We'd like to move all stateful storage to AWS as a separate service and that would be a nice alternative

Posted one year ago
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I think the main risk is ClearML upgrades to MongoDB vX.Y, and mongo changed the API (which they did because of amazon), and now the API call (aka the mongo driver) stops working.
Long story short, I would not recommend it 🙂

Posted one year ago

UnevenDolphin73 last time I checked, there were a few changes that dynamodb introduced which made it impossible to use in ClearML instead of mongodb ATM (although I have to admin I forgot what they were...)

Posted one year ago

Hi UnevenDolphin73
In theory it "might" work, I have to admit that personally I'm not a fan of what Amazon did to Mongo, i.e. forking their their code base and selling it as a service, just bad open-source practice
(The main issue might be API calls that might not fully match)

Posted one year ago

I realized it might work too, but looking for a more definitive answer 😄 Has no-one attempted this? 🤔

Posted one year ago

Thanks SuccessfulKoala55 and AgitatedDove14 ! We'll go through the hoops of setting up mongo on AWS then.
We're working to decouple the data from the helm chart, seems like a dangerous idea to store long term data on k8s in case of failure 😅

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago