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I Have A General Question About

I have a general question about clearML . So we were trying clearml-server and doing poc for a few weeks. Now we want to take another step to install it on k8s . How does clearml-task works with clearml-server on k8s ? If we deploy a task to clearml-server , will it automatically scale?
I think I get the concept of using the remote computer like EC2 as a compute source but I wasn't clear with k8s ?

Posted 7 months ago
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Hi ConvolutedBee40

If we deploy a task to


, will it automatically scale?

The way it works is with agents and agent glue, basically using k8s as a resource allocator and the clearml agent as orchestrator, did that answer the question ?

Posted 7 months ago

Thanks. That answers my question. So far so good with our initial review. 👍

Posted 7 months ago


Posted 7 months ago
3 Answers
7 months ago
4 months ago
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