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Hello! What Considerations Are There To Upgrading Clearml Kubernetes Installation From 1.6.0 To 1.7.0? Will It Suffice To Just Update The Image_Tag Within The Helm Charts And Keep Rest Of The Config As It Was? Br, -Ville P.


What considerations are there to upgrading ClearML kubernetes installation from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0? Will it suffice to just update the image_tag within the helm charts and keep rest of the config as it was?

-Ville P.

Posted one year ago
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Following up on that (I don't think the K8s helm chart for 1.7.0 is out yet SlimyDove85 , is it?) - but what's the recommended way to backup the mongodb before upgrading on K8s?

Posted one year ago

It is not out yet indeed, why I am wondering. Also a good question about the mongodb stuff and quite relevant, because we just went ham switching from AWS EBS => EFS and also deleting (or supposedly deleting?) all of our old pvcs + pvs. Somehow after redeployment, ClearML still had access to the old data, which should've been destroyed.

Note: we are still in dev, so this is ok 😅

Posted one year ago

Samoja ongelmia täälläkin 😅

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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