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Hello Everyone ! When I Run My Python Script Localy , Everything Works Fine (It Includes Tensorflow). When I Try To Run It Remotely From App.Clearml I Observe A Weird Error That My Requirement Cannot Be Filled. Adding The Logs. Please If Someone Could Hel

Hello everyone ! When i run my python script localy , everything works fine (it includes tensorflow). When i try to run it remotely from app.clearml I observe a weird error that my requirement cannot be filled. Adding the logs. Please if someone could help me.

Posted 8 months ago
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Hi ExasperatedCrocodile76
It seems like it is using conda package manager, were you using conda when you run the code manually ?
ERROR: This cross-compiler package contains no program /home/ivan/miniconda3/envs/clearML/bin/x86_64-conda_cos6-linux-gnu-gfortranWhy is it trying to install from source code?
BTW: can you test with the latest agent RC? ( pip install clearml-agent==1.4.0rc4 )

Posted 8 months ago
1 Answer
8 months ago
4 months ago