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Hey Everyone ! Seems Like I Can Not Run My Task Remotely <- Is Something Missing In The Config (Agent) , Should I Specify All The Versions? I Attach Full Log

Hey everyone !
Seems like i can not run my task remotely <- is something missing in the config (agent) , should i specify all the versions? I attach full log

Posted 8 months ago
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OPENBLAS="$(brew --prefix openblas)" pip install pandas

Posted 8 months ago

isnt brew for mac ? i am on ubuntu

Posted 8 months ago

where did you put this

Posted 8 months ago

Hi ExasperatedCrocodile76 , I guess that you were able to install Scikit-learn and you were able to run it locally, and now you want to try it with an agent on the same machine.
The error is that it can’t find OpenBLAS:
` Run-time dependency openblas found: NO (tried pkgconfig and cmake)
Run-time dependency openblas found: NO (tried pkgconfig)

../../scipy/meson.build:130:0: ERROR: Dependency "OpenBLAS" not found, tried pkgconfig `My question is: did you export some env variable when installing it locally?
Posted 8 months ago

if I were to run an agent that would require to install pandas at some point I’d run it:
OPENBLAS="$(brew --prefix openblas)" clearml-agent daemon --queue default

Posted 8 months ago

right, I’m saying I had to do that in my MAC. In your case you would have to point it to somewhere else. Please check where openblas is installed on your ubuntu

Posted 8 months ago

for example I had to do a OPENBLAS="$(brew --prefix openblas)" pip install pandas to be able to install pandas on my M1 MAC

Posted 8 months ago
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8 months ago
4 months ago