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I Wanted To Ask About K8S + Clearml-Agent Integration. Details In The Thread.

I wanted to ask about K8s + clearml-agent integration. Details in the thread.

Posted one year ago
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Is there a place where I can find details about this approach?

Posted one year ago

From the documentation https://github.com/allegroai/clearml-agent :
` Two K8s integration flavours

Spin ClearML-Agent as a long-lasting service pod
use clearml-agent docker image
map docker socket into the pod (soon replaced by podman)
allow the clearml-agent to manage sibling dockers
benefits: full use of the ClearML scheduling, no need to worry about wrong container images / lost pods etc.
downside: Sibling containers `

Posted one year ago

Basically two options, spin the clearml-k8s-glue, as a k8s service.
This service takes clearml jobs and creates k8s job on your cluster.
The second option is to spin agents inside pods statically, then inside the pods the agent work in venv model.
I know the enterprise edition has more sophisticated k8s integration where the glue also retains the clearml scheduling capabilities.

Posted one year ago

K8s + clearml-agent integration.

Hmm is this an on-prem k8s cluster?

Posted one year ago

yes, on-prem

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago