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Hello, How To Change The File Path Of Task’S Artifacts. I’M Migrating Clearml-Server From Servera To Serverb. I’D Also Like To Move The File Storage From Minioa To Miniob As Well. Currently, All Artifacts Have Been Cloned To Miniob. But When I Go To Clear

Hello, How to change the file path of Task’s artifacts.
I’m migrating Clearml-server from ServerA to serverB.
I’d also like to move the file storage from MinioA to MinioB as well. Currently, all artifacts have been cloned to MinioB. But when I go to Clearml-UI to download artifacts, the file path points to MinioA instread of MinioB.

For example:
File path of artifactA points to s3:minioA_address:port/bucket_name/subpath
instread of points to s3:minioB_address:port/bucket_name/subpath

Posted one year ago
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VictoriousPenguin97 I'm not sure there is an easy solution, basically you have to edit both MongoDB (artifacts) and Elastic (think debug samples) 😞

Posted one year ago

I’ll try that, thank you

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago