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Hi All, I'M Trying To Download A Model Inside A Container Based Lambda Function, But When I Use .Get_Local_Copy() It Tries To Save It In A Non-Existing Location And Fails, Is There A Way For Me To Control Where Get_Local_Copy() Saves The Model?

Hi all, i'm trying to download a model inside a container based lambda function, but when I use .get_local_copy() it tries to save it in a non-existing location and fails, is there a way for me to control where get_local_copy() saves the model?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

awesome, will try, thanks!

Posted one year ago

Hi CrookedMonkey33 ,
ClearML will store it in the cache folder (default is ~/.clearml/cache ) - you can override that using the CLEARML_CACHE_DIR environment variable

Posted one year ago