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Hey, I Want To Take The Uncommited Changes From My Task And Apply Them Locally To My Local Branch. How Should I Approach This? I Tried Copying It To A

I want to take the uncommited changes from my task and apply them locally to my local branch.
How should I approach this?

I tried copying it to a diff file and apply it, but it doesn't work.
The function from the GH repo is quite complicated for a such a simple operation.

Any simple ideas?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 6

The uncommitted changes are in git diff format - can't you simply take them and use them with the git command?

Posted one year ago

Just found this thread,
Will try to follow and see (although it looks the same like what I tried)

Posted one year ago

Still no good, managed to apply with errors only

Posted one year ago

Nope. It gives me errors.
Just like the guy that replied in the thread I linked in my previous reply here.

Posted one year ago

Adding the flags he added also didn't help

Posted one year ago

Ok, seems like the problem is solved.
These uncommited changes were already applied to the local branch, but the git apply error wasn't very informative.


Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
8 months ago