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Probably A Novice Question, But I’M Getting

Probably a novice question, but I’m getting No repository found, storing script code instead when trying to run a training routine and also a pipeline routine, ending up in a module not found error (likely because the rest of the repo didn’t get uploaded). When I set the pipeline to run locally (debug mode), everything runs fine. How do I configure my pipeline script to make use of or upload the repo code that it’s a part of? I’m guessing that just the immediate train.py script and the detected modules get uploaded. Thanks in advance. Are there issues with using submodule repos?

Posted one year ago
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Hi ExuberantParrot61 the odd thing is this, message

No repository found, storing script code instead

when you are actually running from inside the repo... (
is it saying that on a specific step, or is it on the pipeline logic itself?
Also any chance you can share the full console output ?
you can manually specify a repo branch for a step:

Posted one year ago

Hi AgitatedDove14 yes it is. I checked into the base YoloV5 repo (fork)

Posted one year ago

Hi ExuberantParrot61
Is the pipeline logic code running from inside the repo?

Posted one year ago

Thanks let me try those out and will get back to you. Appreciate the help! Will try to break down the error messages into the components.

Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
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