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Hi, 1) How Can I Know From Eyeballing The Dashboard Which Project Is Dataset And Which Is Code? 2) How Can I Know Which Dataset A Particular Code Was Using? I.E. When I Open The Task I Don'T See The Link Which Applies The Name/Path Of The Dataset Thanks


  1. How can I know from eyeballing the dashboard which project is Dataset and which is code?
  2. How can I know which Dataset a particular code was using? i.e. when i open the task I don't see the Link which applies the name/path of the Dataset


Posted 11 months ago
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Hi JitteryParrot8
Do you mean Task? If you create a dataset with ClearML data, the Task's Icon would indicate it's a dataset task. Same goes for Experiment. You are in luck 🙂 The new SDK (which is about to be released any day now) would log the dataset used, every time you do Dataset.get().
Regardless we are in the final execution phases of a major overhaul to the dataset UI so stay tuned for our next server release that would, hopefully, make your life easier 😄

Posted 11 months ago

It really would :)

Posted 11 months ago
2 Answers
11 months ago
4 months ago