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Hello I'M New Here, I Found This Error When Running This Command "Docker-Compose --Env-File Example.Env -F Docker-Compose-Triton.Yml Up". Actually, When I Run This Command For The First Time, It Worked. And Then When I Try To Change To My Friend'S Workspa

Hello I'm new here, i found this error when running this command "docker-compose --env-file example.env -f docker-compose-triton.yml up".
Actually, when i run this command for the first time, it worked. And then when I try to change to my friend's workspace it suddenly give this error when I run the command again.
I've tried changing example.env file configuration and reinstall the docker, still not worked.
Can anyone help? or have the solution? Thank You :)

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

Hi AgitatedDove14 , thanks for your reply, here is the full log. Also when i try to test my keras model this gives me this error(sensored image, the code is on the last image). Thank you :D

Posted one year ago

Hi MoodyCentipede68 , I think I saw something like it, can you post the full log? The triton error is above, also I think it restarted the container automatically and then it worked

Posted one year ago

MoodyCentipede68 could it be that the model is on one account (workspace) and your credentials (the ones provided to the docker compose) are from another workspace?
The error itself point to the triton helper failing to get the model ID from the backend. The models are uploaded to a a specific workspace, and it looks like a mismatch (I.e. the model Id is nowhere to be found) wdyt?

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
10 months ago
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