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Hi. First Time User Here

First time user here 👋
I have experienced a problem following the getting started documentation.

I opened an account on https://app.clear.ml/
I then followed the instructions here: https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/getting_started/mlops/mlops_first_steps
up to (and including) "Enqueue an Experiment", which kicked off a job to run on my laptop.

looking at my local log (also copied over to app.clear.ml), it ends with failure:

This happened with 2 different tasks that I tried cloning (from the clearml examples project into a lavi_evaluation project that I added in my workspace).

I'm guessing that some config got miss-configured.

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

It seems the code is trying to access an s3 bucket, could that be the case? PanickyMoth78 any chance you can post the full execution log? (Feel free to DM so it won't end up being public)

Posted one year ago

thanks, I'll DM

Posted one year ago

In case anyone else is interested. We found two alternative solutions:
Repeating the first steps but from within a Docker container ( docker run -it --rm python:3.9 bash ) worked for me.alternatively
The example tasks (or at least those I've tried) that appear in the clear ml examples within a new workspace have clearml==0.17.5 (an old clearml version) listed in "INSTALLED PACKAGES". Updating the clearml package within the task to 1.5.0 let me run the clear-ml agent daemon locally without issue.Thanks AgitatedDove14 !

Posted one year ago