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Hey, I’M Getting A Lot Of These

I’m getting a lot of these warnings that are always followed by my job dying…
[clearml.Task] WARNING : ### TASK STOPPED - USER ABORTED - STATUS CHANGED ###What causes this warning to be printed? Can this cause the program to crash in weird ways? The correlation is quite high in our setup. Can’t really tell if causation exists…

A sample scenario where this would happen:
A single program where we sequentially create a task and run a job. We do call task.mark_completed() and task.close() after the first task.

Posted one year ago
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Hi CourageousKoala93 , what clearml sdk version are you using?

Posted one year ago

Is there a way to clean up clearml completely?

Posted one year ago

CourageousKoala93 when you call Task.close() it will mark the task as completed, there is no need to do that manually. The idea with mark_completed is that you can forcefully change the state if needed, or externally stop the task and mark it completed. Make sense?

Posted one year ago

CourageousKoala93 can you try just calling Task.close() and seeing if that works (i.e. solves the issue)?

Posted one year ago

CourageousKoala93 thanks, task.close() solved for me

Posted one year ago

AgitatedDove14 make sense.

SuccessfulKoala55 sdk version 1.4.1rc.

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
one year ago