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Hey Everyone! Is There A Way To Delete The Example Projects? I Just Installed Clearml Server Using The Docker Image. Thanks

Hey everyone! Is there a way to delete the example projects? I just installed ClearML server using the docker image. Thanks

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

Hmm, I actually think there isn't a way. Once you'll have more projects in the system the project will be pushed down and you won't see it in the front page. Is there any specific reason why you want it removed?

Posted one year ago

SmugSnake6 you can basically do that when you install, by specifying some environment variable as part of the docker-compose. Once it's installed, it would be really messy to remove.

Posted one year ago

Thanks for the response, I don't have any specific reason. I just wanted to have a something cleaner. We don't have much projects yet, so we just get these examples in the way. But it's not bad, I was just wondering. I'll remember to check for the environment variables for our next ClearML install. Thanks anyways, I won't take the trouble of removing them then

Posted one year ago