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Hi All. We Are Using The Community Clearml Platform To Manage Our Ml Experiments. We Recently Have Reached The Maximal Artifacts Quota (> 120Gb) And As A Result Can’T Use The Platform. I Have Deleted A Big Portion Of The Experiments And Models (Both From

Hi all.
We are using the community ClearML platform to manage our ML experiments.
We recently have reached the maximal artifacts quota (> 120GB) and as a result can’t use the platform.
I have deleted a big portion of the experiments and models (both from main and archive) but the quota usage is barely changed.
Any ideas?


Posted one year ago
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Hi ThoughtfulGorilla90 - when did you perform the deletion. It might take up to 24 hours for the application to get the updated size

Posted one year ago

I’m familiar with it.
More than 24 hours have passed since the deletion.

Posted one year ago

Hi ThoughtfulGorilla90 , how did you delete the experiments/models - was it from the web app or using the SDK?

Posted one year ago

Hi Oren.
I did it from the web app..

Posted one year ago

The artifacts (debug samples, models, artifacts) deletion is currently performed done from the browser, after the task object is deleted from the backend. So it might take time for all the artifacts to be deleted - please make sure not to close your browser.
Note that only artifacts saved on fileserver are deleted - exteranal artifacts (in the cloud or on a local filesystem) are not deleted.
We are working on moving the deletion to the server side, to avoid these kind of issues. Should be in one of the upcoming versions

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago