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Hi There, I Am Trying To Export The Clearml Task Data And Perform Some Analysis On Them. The Way I Do It Is As Follows:

Hi there, I am trying to export the ClearML task data and perform some analysis on them. The way I do it is as follows:
from clearml.backend_api.session.client import APIClient
c = APIClient()
tasks = c.tasks.get_all(project=[Task.get_project_id('cdf')], page=1, page_size=1)

My problem is that the "task.user" is some sort of uuid string which I could not associate with an actual user. Is there any way to extract the name that shows on the ClearML UI for a particular user id?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi ScrawnyFrog10 , try c.users.get_all()

Posted 2 years ago
1 Answer
2 years ago
one year ago