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Brand New User Here. I’M Trying To Run An Optimization Task. The Tasks Resulting From The Optimization All Fail Because A Necessary Package Is Not Installed On Them. I Checked The Template Task And The List Of “Installed Packages” Indeed Does Not Have One

Brand new user here. I’m trying to run an optimization task. The tasks resulting from the optimization all fail because a necessary package is not installed on them. I checked the template task and the list of “Installed Packages” indeed does not have one of my required packages in the list. It seems to have everything else. Is there a way to fix that? In case it’s helpful, the missing package is the snowflake-connector-python .

Posted one year ago
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Thanks! I think you were right on all counts there. That was my work around.

Posted one year ago

That’s how I generate my raw input data is from a Snowflake query, then I do all the feature encoding/building etc.

Posted one year ago

I suppose in the end I’m going to want to log the inference values back to snowflake as well … haven’t gotten to that part yet

Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago

Out of curiosity, what's the workflow with snowflake?

Posted one year ago

Hi BeefyHippopotamus73

. I checked the template task and the list of “Installed Packages” indeed does not have one of my required packages in the list.

Basically the "installed packages" is auto populated based on the directly imported packages n your code base.
Could it be you do not have import snowflake-connector-python and this is a derivative package (i.e. required from a different package)

BTW: when you clone your Task in the UI you can edit and add the missing packages, just like you would with any "requirements.txt"
You can also (if for some reason ClearML fails to autodetect) manually add a package in code:
` # notice this should be called before the Task.init call

task = Task.init(....) `

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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