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If I Want To Setup Ssl, I Need A Proxy Like Nginx/Apache, Right? And Maybe If Someone Of The Community Has Already Setup Ssl, Can You Help Me. I Have No Experience With This, But I Imagine It Should Be Possible To Add Nginx To The Docker-Compose File, Co

If I want to setup SSL, I need a proxy like NGINX/Apache, right?

And maybe if someone of the community has already setup SSL, can you help me. I have no experience with this, but I imagine it should be possible to add Nginx to the docker-compose file, config it and be done.

Posted 2 years ago
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Thank you! 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Hi ReassuredTiger98 , I think there was some work done on this before - right now I've managed to find this: https://github.com/allegroai/clearml-server/issues/34

Posted 2 years ago