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Hi All. In Upgrading Clearml-Agent On Our Server Because Of:

Hi all. In upgrading clearml-agent on our server because of: https://clearml.slack.com/archives/CTK20V944/p1648663004925569 (we killed our agents, updated clearml-agent using pip, and then restarted the agents), we are now getting an error related to a duplicate mount point on jobs:
docker: Error response from daemon: Duplicate mount point: /root/.cache/pypoetry.In looking at our console output, it appears that ClearML is defining the following mount point twice in the Docker run command:
'-v', '/home/clearml/.cache/pypoetry:/root/.cache/pypoetry'Have you seen this before? Any tips on resolving? (cc AgitatedDove14 )

Posted one year ago
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is it a good "I see" ? 🙂

Posted one year ago

Ahhhh... I see.

Posted one year ago

GleamingGrasshopper63 what do you have configured in the "package manager" section?

Posted one year ago

Yes, sorry I forgot to follow up on this other thing. Thanks for the quick response. If you are curious what happened was:
Previously we were manually mounting the poetry stuff via an additional docker flag in the config file. Then we updated the config file to select poetry Then there were conflicting docker volume mounts.
(of course now we can't log in. I'm assuming the two things aren't related)

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago