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Hey Everyone, Got A Quick Questions About Backing Up A Clearml Server. Should The Server Be Stopped With

Hey everyone, got a quick questions about backing up a ClearML server. Should the server be stopped with docker-compose down before archiving /opt/clearml/data ? What are the potential downsides for not doing this?

Context is I'd like to run a regular backup overnight but don't want to interrupt long running tasks.

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 2

Hi SuperiorPanda77 ,

Should the server be stopped with 

docker-compose down

 before archiving 



Yes, it should. As far as I know copying the data folder for mongodb/es when they are up might have unpredictable results (for the copied data, I mean). There are other strategies (such as configuring ES snapshot backups and using mongodump), but these are more complicated.

Posted 2 years ago

OK that's great, thanks for the info SuccessfulKoala55 👍

Posted 2 years ago