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Hi Everyone! Some Updates From Our Side!

Hi Everyone! Some updates from our side! 🎊
As you know we've released our paid Saas tier 🙂 It's the same awesome product (well, we think that but we're biased 😛 ) but with room to grow plus more applications! Pipelines are moving full steam ahead... 🚆 Expect a new version in a few weeks (and more screenshots in the comments) The next (next) big feature would be orchestration (Training resources \ Workers \ Queues) dashboards and general improvements 🙂 . If you are using ClearML Agent and want to help us improve the product, I'd be more than happy to chat! DM me or comment and I'll reach out 🎉 We are going to give a talk at https://ai-infrastructure.org/ Experiment management event! There are 1 minute teasers and whoever is chosen as the best teaser will get a 1 hour slot of hands-on workshop! You can see the teaser (and vote for us 😉 ) https://ai-infrastructure.org/experiment-tracking-event/ ! Memes included for free 🙂

Posted one year ago
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