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When Using Azure Blob Storage For Storing Artifacts, Is There A Possibility To Use Sas Token Instead Of Storage Account Key For Authentication? When I Specify Sas Token (With All Permissions) Instead Of Account Key In Clearml.Conf I'M Getting Authenticati

When using Azure Blob Storage for storing artifacts, is there a possibility to use SAS token instead of storage account key for authentication? When I specify SAS token (with all permissions) instead of account key in clearml.conf I'm getting authentication error. (HTTP status code=403, Exception=Server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of Authorization header is formed correctly including the signature. ErrorCode: AuthenticationFailed.)

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

Hi ScaryLeopard77
Could that be solved with this PR?

Posted one year ago

ScaryLeopard77 in case the support for SAS token is not there, this is the time to suggest modifications to the PR 🙂

Posted one year ago