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Hey Guys, I'M Hosting A Private Server Configured To Link To A S3 Bucket. I'M Having Difficulties Identifying The Reason For An Error In A Worker Recurring Repeatedly (Shown In The Screenshots Attached). It Basically Uses The Same Clearml.Conf File As The

Hey guys, i'm hosting a private server configured to link to a s3 bucket. I'm having difficulties identifying the reason for an error in a worker recurring repeatedly (shown in the screenshots attached). It basically uses the same clearml.conf file as the rest so it cannot be a typo of the bucket creds. The error says it failed to download the state.json of a Dataset. Anyone has an idea what the error might be?

Posted one year ago
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Hi AverageBee39
It seems the json is corrupted, could that be ?

Posted one year ago

Oops just closing the loop here, it turned out it was a permissions error on the .clearml cache that was blocking. All's well now hahah thanks!

Posted one year ago

another option is the download fails (i.e. missing credentials on the client side, i.e. clearml.conf)

Posted one year ago

Nice catch AverageBee39 🙂

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago