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Any Plans To Add Unpublished State For Clearml-Serving?

Any plans to add unpublished state for clearml-serving?

Posted one year ago
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Any plans to add unpublished stateĀ for clearml-serving?

Hmm OddShrimp85 do you mean like flag, not being served ?
Should we use archive ?
The publish state, basically locks the Task/Model so they are not to be changed, should we enable unlocking (i.e. un-publish), wdyt?

Posted one year ago

There are also "completed, aborted, queued" .
Archived is actually a tag (system tag, not user tag). There is a "state machines" of moving from one state to the other. The special case is "published" that we probably should have called "locked". The idea is that if a Task/Model is published, you cannot reset it (and even deleting requires force flag).
I would use additional user tags (or even system-tags) to mark "deployed" state, wdyt?

Posted one year ago

I guess we need to understand the purpose of the various states. So far only "archive, draft, publish". Did I miss any?

Posted one year ago

Not exactly sure yet but I would think user tag for deployed make sense as it should be a deliberated user action. And additional system state is required too since a deployed state should have some pre-requitise system state.

I would also like to ask if clearml has different states for a task, model, or even different task types? Right now I dun see differences, is this a deliberated design?

Posted one year ago