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Hi There Clearml Experts I'Ve Been Trying To Delete Heavy Project (With ~4K Experiments) Using The Api And Getting The Following Error:

Hi there ClearML experts
I've been trying to delete heavy project (with ~4K experiments) using the API and getting the following error:
curl \ --header "Content-Type: application/json" \ --header "Authorization: Basic $auth" \ --request POST \ --data '{"project":"f4b6cb47bb3940c9a3bf79c5c78e983d", "delete_contents":"true", "force":"true"}' \ https://<clearml-server>:8008/projects.delete
"meta": { "id": "0025d551945a4f9bb4a7d569eefb373f", "trx": "0025d551945a4f9bb4a7d569eefb373f", "endpoint": { "name": "projects.delete", "requested_version": "2.14", "actual_version": "1.0" }, "result_code": 500, "result_subcode": 100, "result_msg": "General data error (ConflictError(409, '{\"took\":941,\"timed_out\":false,\"total\":4231780,\"deleted\":0,\"batches\":1,\"version_conflicts\":1000,\"noops\":0,\"retries\":{\"bulk\":0,\"search\":0},\"throttled_millis\":0,\"requests_per_second\":-1.0,\"throttled_until_millis\":0,\"failures\":[{\"index\":\"events-log-d1bd92a3b039400cbafc60a7a5b1e52b\",\"type\":\"_doc\",\"id\":\"da2c8742125049769f4fd0fc3218c8af\",\"cause\":{\"type\":\"version_conflict_engine_exception\",\"reason\":\"[da2c8742125049769f4fd0fc3218c8af]: version conflict, required seqNo [22951076], primary term [33]. but no document was found\",\"index_uuid\":\"-awMmqjBQSGMUTEqFmglUQ\",\"shard\":\"0\", ....... {\"type\":\"version_conflict_engine_exception\",\"reason\":\"[76da0c0029d4ca408f1680b67174c44e]: version conflict, required seqNo [214671292], primary term [33]. but no document was found\",\"index_uuid\":\"Cek9t2y1Tyilh4sO5V6Aog\",\"shard\":\"0\",\"index\":\"events-training_stats_scalar-d1bd92a3b039400cbafc60a7a5b1e52b\"},\"status\":409},{\"index\":\"events-training_stats_scalar-d1bd92a3b039400cbafc60a7a5b1e52b\",\"type\":\"_doc\",\"id\":\"86ade76899afa5e09d21307ffe22d432\",\"cause\": "error_stack": null, "error_data": {} }, "data": {}
When trying to delete much smaller sub project (inside same parent project ~4K project, different project ID) getting back result 200 and all works
Any idea?

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 3

AgitatedDove14 indeed there are few sub projects
do you suggest to delete those first?

Posted 2 years ago

PleasantOwl46 any chance there are subprojects under the requested project?

Posted 2 years ago

do you suggest to delete those first?

it might make it easier on the server (I think there is some bug there when it deleted many tasks it tries to parallelize the delete process, but fails to properly sync, anyhow this is fixed and will be pushed with the next clearml-server version)

Posted 2 years ago
3 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago